Our Story

Welcome to Nostalgia Vintage and Wellness where we make sense of vintage finds and your health.

We’re here to welcome you to a nostalgic experience. All of our garments are hand-selected and imported from various places around the world. Sourced mainly in Los Angeles, CA—All one of a kind pieces, we have put together a marvelous collection just for you. 

Our modern “Apothecary” is a mix of Vitruvian Vines—Local and worldly sourced herbs, teas, sprays and serums prepared by herbalist Sarah Wells. We also provide beneficial concoctions such as scrubs, balms, and masks from yours truly, Nostalgia Vintage and Wellness. 

Our goal is to provide an experience by being interactive with all of you. We want to be a part of your lives, just as that same energy will be reciprocated by us. Our hospitality will match the quality and experiences we provide.

We will host events, meetings, shows, swaps, and anything our heart desires. We'll make sure to make it count!

Inhale, Exhale... happiness 

From the Nostalgia Vintage and Wellness Team